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Dutch indoor competition Ultimate Frisbee

Posted by Fery Vanhemelryck op 16 november 2009

Verslagje van ons frisbeetornooi in Nederland dit weekend. Ik heb het in het Engels geschreven voor de Belgische Ultimate Frisbee-blog en ik ben er zeker van dat mijn lezers intelligent genoeg zijn om alles te begrijpen en mij de moeite te besparen om het te vertalen…

Somehow Sigi managed to register Diabolic Heaven for the Dutch Indoor Ultimate Frisbee competition. A great way to get some extra practice before BUIC and other indoor tournaments.

Last Sunday Diabolic Heaven started in fourth division.

After leaving Hasselt at 9 o’clock , our first car arrived at 10h50 at the nice sports complex in Wageningen. About an hour later we started our first game against ‘De rest van Nederland’. Still no sign of our second car with 3 replacement players. Fortunately we had 3 young players and I filled with motivation and energy, and Sigi who is smart enough to know when to run and when to rest. Fortunately for us ‘De rest van Nederland’ we’re quite ‘experienced’ (read old). So our physique at the end of the game was still a bit better than theirs. Four minutes before the end 3 fresh Diabolic Heaven players showed up. However, Sigi wouldn’t let them play without a proper warming up. And to be honest, none of us wanted them to play yet. We beat the other team without replacements +/-  14-6 , so we could survive the last few moments without help.

Unfortunately Nuts didn’t show up. It’s always a shame when you anticipate a good game of Ultimate and finally you don’t get to play. Hope this wont happen at BUIC!
Fortunately we could play the game against WAF a lot earlier. At this time we were happy to have three fresh players. WAF had a lot of energy, some tall fast players so this game was a lot harder than the previous. But we still managed to play our game, some nice throws, great flows and excellent points (I caught a disc between my legs in the endzone, it hurts). We finally beat them 11-6.

The last game of the day was against a very young UFO team with lots of girls. They had some very good players who will be amazingly skilled when they are adults. Some good girls too, unfortunately none of our Diabolic girls could join us this Sunday, so it was hard for the UFO girls to play against boys/men who we’re much taller, heavier and faster. They gave us a great game, very good spirit too. In a couple of years these kids probably play us of the field, leaving us clueless about were the disc went and how they did it. But right now they lacked some experience and physique. We beat them 14-4 or something like that.

So this means Diabolic Heaven will advance to the third division to the Dutch indoor competition. Next game day: Sunday the 13th of December!


Eén reactie to “Dutch indoor competition Ultimate Frisbee”

  1. David Haak said


    I just stumbled across your post about the Dutch Ultimate competition. I am an “experienced” ultimate player (as you so kindly put it) from America now living in Prov. Groningen. Do you know of any clubs in my area?

    Alvast bedankt,
    David Haak

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