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BUIC afgelast, behalve in Hasselt

Posted by Fery Vanhemelryck op 21 december 2009

Due to the extreme weather conditions the second day of BUIC was cancelled. It’s quite understandable with our unique sport, where you have to cross the entire country to play some great ultimate games. The road trips and the opponents from different sides of the country are part of what makes Ultimate the greatest sport ever. But in harsh weather conditions like past Sunday it’s a shame you can’t play against the team from the next village.
In Hasselt we were very sad that BUIC was cancelled. We wanted to play Ultimate. Luckily our trainer arranged two halls in Hasselt to play the second day of BUIC. Since the competition couldn’t take place we had a very nice sports hall for five hours, but no teams to play with.  As always Sigi arranged a great day of Ultimate fun. Diabolic 1, 2 and 3 all met in the “Alverberg” for some extra practice. The men and women of XLR8RS 2 were brave enough to defy the cold and the snow and came all the way to Hasselt. Diabolic 2 and 3 played together against XL2. After arguing about a name for our mixed team, realizing diabolic 2,5 didn’t credit DH3 as it should, we played as diabolic heaven 5.  DH5 won the first game against XL2 (but it’s only fair to admit we combined our best players from 2 and 3)
Afterwards DH1 and two XL-players had an intensive 30-minute game, 5-5, no replacements. It was a good practice and a feast for the eye.
Talking about a feast, DH brought some leftover desserts from the Diabolic-Christmas-party on Friday. So in between games we had some tasty, fattening snacks :-)

 DH5 played another game against XL2, and we ended in great spirit. With a ‘Hat’ game with players from the four teams combined. We had some great points were a DH1-handler passed to a DH3-‘newbie’ who passed it to XL2, upside to a DH2-deep in the endzone… Another point for the “DH1-2-3+XL-2” Blue team!


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