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Monsterball 2010 (Beach ultimate Frisbee)

Posted by Fery Vanhemelryck op 31 augustus 2010

Ultimus Prime (The Hague) organized a nice tournament last weekend in a little town called Monster.
Although there were some “problems” with the weather in that region last Thursday (buildings flooded, roads closed etc.). The organizing team still wanted to continue the tournament.

And so did the four Belgian teams who entered the tournament. They we’re prepared for beach ultimate fun, no matter what kind of storm the Dutch threw at us.

So Friday night Diabolic Heaven, Diabolic Heaven 2 – Sea Stars, Scandisc , and “sexy motherfuckers” (Gentle) arrived at the campsite in Monster.

Ben from Diabolic Heaven has a huge tent (pun intended) and Sigi added an extra tent of his own to it. With this add-on, we could easily fit our17 players and enjoy some nice homemade food, Belgian beers, some songs and lots of laughter before the tournament.

On Saturday morning we enjoyed a nice Dutch breakfast with real ‘chocomel’(the dutch name for cécémel’). A nice feature of these Dutch tournaments is the “make your own lunch”-possibility. You get little sandwich baggies to take with you to the fields. This way you can have a decent meal without paying 20 gulden for a tosti.

After being blown away on the dike, we made it to the beaches. Ultimus Prime prepared 7 nice fields for us, a bit oddly shaped. They seemed quite short and wide.
They were neatly stacked close to each other so you never had to walk far in between games. 

There was quite some wind, so it wasn’t that easy to score upwind.

In the first set of poules:
Diabolic Heaven 1 defeated WAF (Wageningen), and MaULm (Germany) and finished first in their pool. (Due to cancellations there were only 3 teams in our pool.)
Diabolic Heaven 2 –Sea Stars won 2 games , had one tie and also made it to one of the top pools.
Scandisk and sexy motherfuckers also made it to the Top Pools 

We played by the BULA-rules, with one strange addition: after the time is over, everybody has to freeze, and after a check you can give 3 passes to score.
So no cap+1, just pause the game, pass 3 times and if you don’t score it’s finished. 

In the high Pool DH1 met the sexy motherfuckers from Ghent. Our girls were excited/scared by the shortness of the motherfuckers shorts. For some reason they decided to play in marcellekes and pingpong-shorts in stormy weather. But still, it was excellent fun playing these crazy guys.

Diabolic heaven lost just one game, against “indische buurt”, with 4-5. This meant we had to compete for places 5-8 instead of 1-4.

After the games it was time for the barbecue. Ultimus Prime learned a lot from the previous year, where they had queues  all over the beach because they couldn’t bake fast enough.
In the 2010 edition they had loads of barbecues and volunteers to cook the delicious meat. It was a bit stormy during the barbecue, there was some shelter at the beach club, but the rain seemed to fall horizontally. No way to escape it.

After a 5-minute shower, we decided to hit the party. Ultimus Prime invited a nice band to play at their party, and afterwards there was a skilled DJ to keep us all dancing.

After some hours of sleep, with a sore throat from the singing and in very cold weather, we we’re ready to play again.

DH1 beat Jong Oranje, who couldn’t contain our superb Handler Oli with their cup. Oli was actually younger than most of Jong oranje.
In the semi-finals we met Scandisk. An excellent game with our Belgian Friends. It’s always nice to play a Belgian team in a foreign environment.
DH 2 – Sea Stars played the sexy motherfuckers for places 15-16. After a really funny game with loads of turnovers, they decided they were equally good and headed to beachbar to heat up.
DH finally played the organizing team Ultimus Prime for places 5-6. We we”re ahead two points in strong winds and heavy rain, when UP wanted to stop. They still had to clean up the beach and stuff and didn’t feel like getting too wet. So we decided to call it a day, hit the showers and pack our tents. After a pit stop in the burger king in downtown Rotterdam, we headed home. Excellent, but stormy weekend. Even more excellent when Jan informed us that Diabolic Heaven had won the spirit. Now all we need to do is go and pick it up in Den Haag…


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